Initiate Payment Request.

Start a payment request and choose your channels that you want to pay. You’ll have a dashboard to view all active requests.

Customer Pays Via Channel

The customers then gets a notification and pay you by the channel you selected for them. You’ll also have a dashboard to view all active requests so you can make sure to never miss a beat.

Transaction Confirmed

You’ll see your payment within 2 business days. Sit back and watch your bank funds keep going up.

Choose Which Bills to Pay

Select one or multiple bills to pay from your account. Even set up recurring future payments to make your life easier.

Fund Your Chloe Account

Easily transfer money from your connected bank account(s). Set a date for recurring payments to automatically fund your account.

Payment is Confirmed

Receive confirmation message/email from Chloe Pay and/or check the status of your recurring payment. Now you can check this off your list! It’s that easy!


Streamline your process
with ChloePay's integrations

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Quickbooks integration is free. View more information about Quickbooks HERE.


View more information about Salesforce HERE.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

View more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM HERE.


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Please contact us for details at


Please contact us for details at

“ChloePay has been great for us to collect client payments. It’s easy to use and the customer service is great!”
- Lash Kugathasan, JAM

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